So as I was curled up in bed catching up on issues of Women’s Wear Daily (yes, I have a newspaper subscription to it. And it’s amazing.) I came across a small piece on what I found to be the most lifechanging accessory I have ever known.

A stunning, quality, leather tote that CHARGES YOUR PHONE OR IPAD

shocked-otumblr_moehcbJUG21ql5yr7o1_500I know.

I. K.N.O.W.

I’m going to give you a minute.

Ok, come back. So, the bad news – it’s not out in stores YET. However, it IS on Kickstarter and you can support its release by going here (as well as find out all the relevant technical details on how it charges, etc.)

I also forgot to mention. . . It has LIGHTS on the inside. So you can actually find all your crap buried in it.

The sheer brilliance is overwhelming.

Anywho, on to the pictures (all courtesy of the Kickstarter):


You can get your own version of the bag for supporting the Kickstarter campaign with a $149 donation (the bag will retail for around $400). Which, while it’s not cheap, for a quality leather bag and the knowledge that my phone will NEVER be out of juice? #Priceless

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