I hear a lot of people tell me that they don’t have the necessary experience to apply for writing jobs.

They’re wrong. Because guess what counts as writing experience?

  • Your own blog
  • The blog posts you’ve written for other websites

This also works for social media, digital marketing, and any other work writing or creating images for the digital world. You don’t need to have a degree in the field or be a New York Times bestselling author to gain writing experience.

So here’s how to gain the experience that will set your resume apart:


(1) Create Your Own Blog

If you’re applying to a creative job, linking to your own blog is just as important as sharing your resume with the job poster.

Don’t hesitate to share your blog with your potential employers (within reason – if it’s offensive or profanity-filled, then maybe not). It’s the best way to showcase your writing, creativity, and ability to communicate and works much better than a boring cover letter.

(P.S. Want to start a blog, but aren’t sure how? Then be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming post on how to do this!)



(2) Writing for The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed or Medium



People always see that I’ve written for HuffPo and are all wide-eyed.

But here’s the secret: It’s actually not that hard.

If you’re a good writer with a compelling angle on a topic, you can contribute. It is unpaid but it does raise your stature.

In fact, I frequently used this post I wrote last December as a talking point in interviews since it went viral. It definitely never hurts to be able to say your post got 117,000 likes and almost 20,000 shares!

You can sign up to contribute here.

And if you want to check out the range of posts I’ve contributed, you can see my writing here.



Since I’ve never personally contributed to Buzzfeed (not that I didn’t want to, just never have), I’m going to refer you all to HeleneInBetween’s step by step guide instead.

She’s had multiple articles do well on their platform, so she’s a better source.



Lastly, Medium has recently become a great resource for getting your writing seen. There are no pre-requisites to blog on their platform, you can reuse content from your own blog, and you can post on pretty much any topic.

This guide by Kissmetrics helps lay out what you need to do to get set up on the Medium platform.



No matter where you choose to submit, if you want your content to go viral, you MUST bring something to the table – be it humor, a different take on a major story, or something unique that only you can provide. If you’re just re-hashing what 9932482859 other writers have said, your writing will be doomed to obscurity.



(3) ProBlogger Job Board

I currently freelance as the Marketing and Content Manager for an MBA admissions consulting firm which I earned through the ProBlogger Job Board.

While many of the jobs listed here are not high-paying, unlike the writing listed above, they almost always pay at least something.

The key to this specific job board is being one of the first people to submit your resume and writing samples to the poster. They tend to get blasted with a wide array of writers, so you want to be one of the very first.

Thankfully, one successful freelance blogger shared how he used IFTTT to get his resumes to the front of the pack. He details the strategy here, and it’s one I’ve used successfully multiple times.


(4) BloggerJobs.Biz

Another great website for writers/bloggers is BloggerJobs.biz. They gather blogging and writing opportunities from across the web, and house them on their job board. Everything from part time, to remote, to full-time can be found on there.

I suggest checking it daily, as listings are added often. Again, I wouldn’t expect to get rich using this job board, but you will usually earn a little money through postings listed there.


(5) Your Favorite Small Business

There are a ton of great small businesses that understand the need for a blog on their website, but don’t have the time and/or the skills to write it. When someone is trying to run the day to day of their business, finding the time to sit down and write blog posts can be the last thing on their list.

The solution? Reach out to these awesome small business owners and see if you can help them! Some may be able to pay you, some might not. But gaining experience with writing can be a great way to get your foot in the door for other jobs. Not to mention, you can also use data on how you grew their blog to tout your success in interviews.


If you’re a writer already or dream of being one, these five ways to gain writing experience will give you the confidence to go after the job you dream of!

Do you have any other places or ideas for how to gain writing experience? Let me know in the comments!