Something I have been working on for the past year is being healthier and incorporating more veggies into my diet. It’s been a bit of a struggle for me since I would rather have chips and dip than carrots and hummus. But luckily, I have awesome friends like KJ from OmNomHerbivore who can help push inspire me to eat healthier!


I managed to snag this busy woman in between her own blog launch, her day job and her adventures in veganism to share some of her tips and tricks. But first, I thought you might like to get to know her with a few of my crazy questions:

What is your day job?

I am a product design engineer. I’m the only female engineer in a department of about 40 – Represent!


Favorite place to vacation?

I’m a mountain bum. I love snowboarding and camping. Show me the woods and let me adventure something about solitude feeds my soul!!

What is your favorite book?

I nerd out for those young adult books. Yes. I’m aware that I’m nearly 26. Based on what I’ve read the most, I’d have to say the Harry Potter Series.


What is your favorite movie?

I love the Transformers movies. I mean big morphing robots – soo cool!! I also love the movie “Whip It” I always feel so inspired after watching that movie.


What is your favorite song on rotation on your ipod right now?

Just one?! Sorry you get three!
What the hell is a Gigawatt” by Four Year Strong
“In Between” by Beartooth
“In My Arms” by Jon Foreman [for my Acoustic days]


What tips would you give someone who is still in college?

Although doing well is important… so is having fun! I was too uptight and worried about the perfect grades in college. I wish I would have let my grades slide to B’s (and maybe some C’s) and allowed myself to go out and socialize more.


Who is your hero?

My mom! She can do absolutely anything she sets her mind to. She takes care of things that need to be done, she pushes herself to be the best person she can be, she volunteers all the time, and she’s always got a level head. The older I get the more I can realize how awesome she is. Love you Mom!


Where do you fall in the birth order?

I’m the youngest. I have a brother who is 4 years older than me.


What event or job story do you always share at cocktail parties?

When I was about 10 my friend and I were racing to the bigger bathroom at my house and I caught my toe on a footstool in the hallway. Totally wiped out and started screaming. I broke like 3 toes in the worst way and my foot was so horribly purple. I seriously stub/drop things on my toes way too much!


Was there ever a time where you questioned your path?

Like every day. I have a good job that pays well, but I never know if I’m really happy with it. Being in an office for 8 hour days, 5 days a week kills me [keyword – office]. I always feel like I just need to throw my papers in the air and run out of the building and go wander the world!


What are three memories from your life that you always share?

How I met my best friends. When I met them I thought no way that girl is freakin’ weird – can’t stand her [they thought the same thing]. Turns out they just bugged me at first because we were SOO similar!

When I knew after 3 months of dating that I would marry my boyfriend [now husband]. We’ve been together for 8.5 years now, married for 3.5 years.

My time spent hanging out with my closet friends in high school/early college when we had band practice, crazy shenanigans, and late night call of duty hangouts. Love those guys!


What is your favorite quote?

“Sometimes to have a good day, you have to decide to have a good day.” – no idea where it came from its just something I tell myself on a bad day.


If you won the lottery tomorrow, would you still work?

I would still work – I can’t sit still, but I’d do a personal business venture and if possible like 30hrs or less a week. I certainly wouldn’t be working a regular day job. Buh-Bye Office!


So now that we’re all besties, let’s get down to the veggie business and find out more about KJ’s own journey as well as how we can all learn a little about going vegan.

What inspired your blog?

I’ve always loved experimenting with recipes/cooking and I really needed a creative outlet to work on this passion! Being an engineer can be so black and white at times. My creative side needed somewhere to shine!


How would you describe your blog in the length of a Tweet?

Vegan food blog with recipes, food info/tips, and advice for those wanting to try the vegan lifestyle. Oh and bright hair, because, awesome!


How do you find time to work on your blog?

When I get home from my daily grind, I take some time to cook, workout, hang with my hubby and play with my pups, then at night I will work on my blog for about 1-2 hours a night while my hubby works on his hobbies.


What sparked your interest in veganism?

I’ve always been interested in it, but never really had a solid enough personal reason to fully commit. Then after the new year I decided to give up all dairy products since I’d always suspected I was lactose intolerant [haven’t had milk in about 10 years] but I still ate cheese. Man, yup, lactose intolerant for sure. After that test I was like I’ll go 6 weeks being vegan. After those six weeks and an accidental run in with milk, I’m not sure I could go back to that kind of digestional pain. To cut my long winded answer – I did it to feel better!!


Don’t you ever crave meat?

Sometimes, and usually the most awful/bad-for-you variety. Like Salami, Pepperoni, hot dogs, and venison. I could never commit fork to mouth on this, because I know it just doesn’t react well with my body. If I crave these things I’ll just have something salty since I think that’s why my body is craving them.


What are 3 easy ways someone can incorporate being vegan-ish into their life?

Cut meat and dairy out of at least two of your meals [this alone can make a huge impact on the meat market]

Replace milk in your cereal/coffee/sauces with alternative milk

Google map “vegan restaurants” by you, try one a week/once a month – whatever your budget allows – and revisit to try something else from time to time.



On top of these three awesome tips, KJ also has a quick hit list that you can download below! Plus, since she’s launching her blog today and all, you should go check it out and find even more recipes and information.


I can’t promise that I could ever truly commit to the vegan lifestyle myself, but I definitely see myself adding a little bit more veggies and organic food in my life!

Do you have any other tips or ideas for going vegan? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, my loves!