I’ve been on a fashion high ever since coming back from Charleston Fashion Week, and this week is no different. In case you haven’t heard, Target is bringing the iconic Palm Beach brand Lilly Pulitzer to its stores this April. I am UNREASONABLY excited. I basically feel like this whenever I think about it:


The only downside with some of these collaborations is the fact that not everything is going to look amazing actually ON a woman’s body. If you are tall and fairly thin, you won’t need to read further. I can pretty much guarantee everything will look amazing on you. However, if you are any other body shape, read on for your best bets out of this latest Target collab.

Epic for All Sizes and Body Types

Obviously all of the shoes, jewelry, scarves and bags can fit any size, style and shape that you are! So go nuts on those.

In terms of the clothing, the kimonos are all a safe bet, no matter what your body type. (And these were HUGE at Fashion Week. They will definitely be the thing to wear this summer).


1 – Satin Kimono in Pineapple Punch ($34) // 2 – Fringe Kimono Jacket in White ($30) // 3 – Kimono Coverup in Boardwalk Cafe ($30)

Along the same lines, the fun and stylish coverups are also great, no matter your shape or size.

coverups collage

Eyelet Tunic Cover-ups in Navy or White ($32 each)

The following items got the seal of approval from our panel of esteemed judges (i.e. my friends) based on different body types. Check the label to see which ones and read below for more in depth descriptions on the best picks for your body!

perfect for 1

perfect 3

shift dresses - perfect for


Now for the body type specific picks! FYI – If it was written by someone else – it is in italics.

If You’re Tall (meaning 5’9″ or taller):



1 – White Crochet Crop Top ($32) // 2 – Ponte Crop Top in Boom Boom Print ($24) // 3 – Challis Romper in Happy Place Print ($34) // 4 – Satin Dress in Nosie Posey Print ($38) // 5 – Shift Dress in My Fans Print ($38) // 6 – Shift Dress in Fan Dance Print ($38)

Now, I chose these (being tall myself) based off of what I think would look good, but it will depend on your body type. I would NOT recommend the shift dresses for the busty or hippier among us, but if you are long and lean, go for it! The Romper looks great on long legs, no matter what your shape. The satin dress will likely have to be a tunic on you depending on your height (I know for me, Target pieces have generally ran pretty short – so I’m thinking the satin dress might be tunic length if you’re tall). Lastly, crop tops are an excellent way to rock a high waisted skirt or pants and make you look even taller. (or, if you feel really confident, you can rock them with a lower cut skirt or pant and show off your abs).

Being tall, two groups to avoid will likely be the jumpsuits and pants. Sadly, Target rarely offers tall sizes, and the pants and jumpsuits are usually way too short for us tall gals. You should definitely try them on – because, who knows, maybe that batch got made larger! lol. But don’t hold out hope on those being the right length if you are above 5’9″ or so.


For the Curvy Gals

(I hate using the term “Plus sized”) The fabulous Robin from Robin’s Rules offers her thoughts:


1 – Plus Size Underwire Bikini Top & High Waisted Bikini Bottom in Fan Dance Print ($24 each) // 2 – Plus Size Satin Dress in Boom Boom Print ($38) // 3 – Plus Size Shift Dress in Nosie Posey Print ($38) // 4 – Plus Size Shift Dress in My Fans Print ($38)

OMG, the Lilly Pulitzer line is so freaking bright and chic! I call these colors “juicy fruit”. How can I just pick one or two fabulous looks. They are ALL so cute. I love the mixes of prints and the attention to detail. The first page I opened had a cute, bright pink bikini! LOVE. Here are my faves:

How cute is this pink and green two-piece? It looks so fresh and still provides coverage in the midsection and thigh area. Also, there is full coverage in the bust area. This look is perfect!

The green print dress is super simple and sleek. It can be styled perfectly with simple gold accessories from the rest of the line. It’s breezy and easy—two things a busy girl like me loves! Sometimes I ain’t got time to think about what I’m going to wear. This look is effortless. It also flows smoothly over what us curvier girls would consider problem areas like the bust and the belly.

This dress (shift dress in Nosie Posey print)! Sign me up please! I cannot wait until this line is available. I want this piece so bad. Look at all the bright colors mixed with the simple cut of this dress. I love the styling of this dress with a tiny cross-body bag in the lookbook. This girl looks like she’s on vacation in a tropical place and ready to snatch up all the fellas in her wake.

The shift dress in the [blue print] print is another simple breezy look from the Lilly line. The colors are punchy and the lines are clean. She just looks cute.


If You’re Busty (D cup or larger, or C cup if you’re smaller/petite):


1 – Jersey V-Neck Tank in Nosie Posey Print ($24) // 2 – White Crochet Crop Top ($32 ) // 3 – Satin Dress in Boom Boom Print ($38) // 4 – Halter Bikini Top & High Waisted Bottom in My Fans Print ($24 each) // 5 – Jersey Tank Top in My Fans print ($24)

Wearing white scares me, but the crochet crop top and tank both look like they would be killer for us bustier ladies! I am a big fan of crop tops for busty women because I feel like they solve the whole preggers-looking problem of regular square cut tops. If you wear a great high waisted skirt or pant with them (or flaunt your midsection!) it shows off that you are NOT knocked up and gives you a cute, sassy vibe. I also think the satin dress (with a belt!) would be great for busty ladies, no matter size or height. Just make sure to cinch it in at the narrows part of you (right under your bust, of course). Lastly, swimwear. This can go either way – I am HOPING this bikini has underwire in it (it looks like it does), which would be amazing for us with the junk in the front. The plus size underwire bikini top would also be perfection for anyone with a bigger bust size.

Two types of items to avoid as a bustier woman: Shift Dresses and Halter Tops. The shift dresses usually don’t have enough room for the girls, so they are either smooshed in or you have to go up too many sizes, thus making the rest of the dress too baggy. Halters give you a uni-boob or shelf boob effect and can also lend to the preggers look. Which is great if you ARE pregs, but not so hot if you’re not.


If You Have Hips That Don’t Lie:

Shoutout to my friend Kris for her thoughts on this one!



1 – Satin Flounce Dress in Sea Urchin For You print ($38) // 2- Jersey Tank Top in My Fans print ($24)  // 3 – Hipster Bikini Bottom & Bandeau Bikini Top in Belladona print ($24 each) // 4 – Tunic in Orange Camelia print ($) // 5 – Halter Tank Top in Pineapple Punch print ($26)

Shift dresses are normally too narrow for women with hips. This flounce dress looks more accommodating for girls with curves! Second, the flouncy style and high-low hem of this tank will drape nicely and cover your bum. I’m hoping this bikini fits as great as it looks! Hipster bottoms are great because they provide more coverage. And I love this simple pattern that’s fun and flattering. Next, I love tunics, because they tend to be roomier at the bottom. This one would look great with skinny jeans or work as a beach cover up. And finally, the A-line shape on this halter is great for gals with wider hips. Plus this can be dressed up or down!


If You Have Junk In The Trunk:

Much love to my friend Erin for her sassy assessment for these pieces


1 – Palazzo Pant in My Fans Print ($28) // 2 – Strapless Maxi Dress in Nosie Posey Print ($34) // 3 – Satin Flounce Dress in  Giraffing Me Crazy print ($38) // 4 – Hipster Bikini Bottom & Bandeau Bikini Top in Belladona print ($24 each) // 5 – Halter Tank Top in Pineapple Punch print ($26)



The best are these palazzo pants! They are great because they float away from the body and are insanely comfy. The flouncy dress is good because its not a shift dress (which is always too tight across my butt) and has a full skirt. Full skirts are key for booty girls. It’s hard to make a bikini choice without seeing it on, but I plan to try this one because it has a fuller side to it and a higher rise. This maxi dress is fantastic! Again, a fuller skirt is great way to draw attention up to neck and shoulders. Lastly, I love this halter top because it draws the eye up to the pretty neckline and floats away from the hips.


If You’re Petite:

Super grateful to my friends Hannah & Danielle for giving their petite views (get it? I know. I’m so funny)



 1 – Shift Dress in Fan Dance Print ($38) // 2 – Shift Dress in Nosie Posey Print ($38) // 3 – Satin Flounce Dress in Giraffing Me Crazy print ($38) // 4 – Halter Tank Top in Sea Urchin for You print ($26) // 5 – Challis Romper in Happy Place Print ($34)

These shift dresses work because usually dresses are too long, but these look short enough to be able to fit without having to get them altered. On a petite frame, these would be a great length to wear for a party. This dress looks like the straps can be made into a cross back if you need to make the dress fit better, and it can be pulled off long or short. Not to mention, it gives you curves if you belt the waist! The halter tops are great because with long pants or skinny jeans, they can help elongate your torso. Finally, the romper COULD work if it fits right. A romper can make you look like you have really long legs if everything works correctly.

Credits for all images goes to Target’s Pressroom.

Thank you so much to all of my amazing friends for contributing their thoughts and brilliance to this piece! I know we are all excited for this line to launch 🙂 What are your favorite pieces? You can check out the full lookbook here (and it includes everything from homegoods to makeup as well!) And be sure to come back after the launch and see these items on women of all types so we can give an even better assessment. Can’t wait!

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