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Hello my amazing readers! I wanted to take a moment and introduce a new series I plan on showcasing called “Robin’s Rules.”

This bad ass woman is one of the best people I have found moving here to Alabama and she makes me laugh and brightens every room she walks into. I asked if she would contribute to my blog, and she thankfully said yes!

Since she is ALWAYS put together and looking amazing, and because Fashion Month is coming to an end, I asked her to put together her rules for fashion.

Without further ado, here’s Robin!

Hey Color Coded Life readers!!

I’m Robin, a 30-something plus-sized medical student from Birmingham, AL. Amanda asked me to share with you guys some of my philosophies regarding anything from fashion to academia. This will (hopefully) be an ongoing guest spot for your enjoyment and my stress relief. Paris Fashion Week just ended and Fashion Month is coming to a close, so with that in mind, this fluffy girl is sharing her rules on fashion. Here we go:

 rr rule 1 fashion

This rule is super important to me because clothing is such a subjective thing. There are tons of critics and experts out there and sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the sauce. If you apply this rule, ain’t no need to worry about what everybody else has to say. As a plus-size shopper, I’ve had to adapt myself to shopping in places carrying only straight sizes or targeted toward an older demographic. This rule reminds me that it doesn’t matter who is shopping next to you style comes from within. I can rock a old-lady mumu or a teeny-bopper hat with precision, honey!


rule 2 rr fashion

It’s easy to get steered into selecting items you see in popular magazines or on TV. However, I have found that I get the most compliments when I draw ideas from the world around me. I once created an outfit based on an art mural I had seen while playing tourist in NYC. It was a combination of blues, reds, pinks, and yellows. Sure, those colors are great together anyway, but it wasn’t just the colors—it was the vision. Draw your attention to the world around you, the flowers, the streets, the buildings., the people! There is so much inspiration around you.


rr rule 3 fashion

Who the heck said being fashionable was only for the rich? I wasn’t rich growing up, and I ain’t rich now. Luckily, I’ve always been a super resourceful girl learning to make things or “rig” stuff up as I saw fit. In my older, more experienced years, I’ve learned how to bargain shop for the items I want. I am a total coupon freak—not like the ones you see on TLC—more like knowing how to double rewards from my favorite stores and such. I am constantly getting emails about deals my favorite stores are running….What are some of my favorite places to shop? Lane Bryant, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Macy’s, Nine West, Eloquii, and Eshakti! Note that I named at least one straight-size store—we’ll revisit that in a moment. Another secret of mine? Clothing rental subscriptions! They are all the rage. The plus-sized ladies use Gwynnie Bee which updates its closet weekly with new, on-trend pieces. This service ranges from $35-150 per month to rent great dresses or trendy leggings you’ve been dying to try. It’s great for clothing commitment-phobes like me who don’t want to live with one item forever just because it was hot for a season. If you’re skinny-fab, check out Le Tote, which is a similar service for straight sizes that even includes accessories.


rr rule 4 fashion

Simply put, you can find fashionable things in just about any store. I can’t tell you how many items in my closet are from straight size stores like Wet Seal (although they just added a plus-size section—EEK!), J. Crew, hell, even the Children’s Place. The biggest piece of advice I could give there is to have an open mind. If you are bustier like me, stop buying button down blouses from your favorite store and suffering through having to wear a tank underneath or leave a few buttons open. Buy collared tops from the menswear section. Men’s fashion has evolved so much so that you can find pinks, purples, and all sorts of color combinations in the classic pieces you want. Plus, they are cheaper!! So while you’re shopping with the hubs or booski, take a look around for a little something for self. You won’t regret it.


rr rule 5 fashion

I have been wearing shapewear since I was old enough to pronounce the word. I am a true southern girl who hasn’t left the house without Lycra on these thighs since birth (see Steel Magnolias, teehee). Nowadays, the skinny girls have caught on to the trend. Clothing just looks better if the under area is groomed and smoothed. It’s not a concept of size, but a concept of aesthetics. Ask the designers at fashion week, those models are sizes 2 and up…I guarantee you they are wearing a Spanx or something like it. Invest in shapewear that is quality and has enough staying power that you can’t remember the last time you bought one. That is the true sign of a successful garment. Remember ladies, it’s not enough to have beautiful clothes if you aren’t going to manicure it properly. Wrap it up!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this segment. Medical school can take a lot out of you, so I am happy to have an opportunity to discuss something other than lab results and differential diagnoses. Much love to Mandy Pants for the opportunity!

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