So for a new tradition, I decided I want to use my Fabulous Friday Finds to highlight awesome apps, programs, or small businesses that will make your life easier and stress free (or at least help you to stress less). I will also highlight my favorite small business designers and accessories from time to time – but I think an all-encompassing Finds each week is best 🙂

For this week, a friend introduced me to what I would call the Uber equivalent of pet or child care. If you don’t have Uber in your city yet, it’s a killer app that lets you call for a cab, tells you which one or multiple ones are closest, lets you select the type of cab you want to come get you and allows you to pay via your phone (which is hooked up to your card on their main website). It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

The app I’m talking about here though is called CluckCluck (which comes from the tag line “check in on your little chicks” which I think is just about the cutest thing ever!). It allows you to set up an event, poll multiple caregivers for their ability, send messages to your caregiver while you’re out, AND . . . best of all . . . PAY FROM YOUR PHONE!

The video near the end of my post explains it more fully, but as you can see here, you can absolutely use it for your pets 🙂

photo 1

Additionally, you can add in emergency contacts (the vet, etc) in case anything should go wrong.

photo 2

As you could see in the first picture – you can add tasks that need to be accomplished, and your dog sitter or child sitter can let you know when they are done. This can be anything from the puppy needing medicine by a certain time – or as you can see – someone needing a good, long walk to tire her out before bed.

This is also good if you are like me and you remember something crucial to tell the dog sitter AFTER you’ve left town for your trip. With this app, I can just message the sitter and she will know about any special needs my crazy little pooch may have.

Lastly, when it comes time to pay – all you & the caregiver have to have are PayPal accounts, and you are good to go!


No more worrying about having to carry cash or getting money out of an ATM (which, let’s be honest, our generation hates doing).

If you want to see how this works in more detail or how it works for having children, you can check out the video here (it’s only 1 minute long – definitely worth a watch!)

[xyz-ihs snippet=”cluck1cluck”]

I hope if you have kids or puppies, this app will make your life just a little bit easier 🙂 You can download it in the App store on iPhone’s and you can also check out their website here.

And no, I didn’t get paid or compensated for talking about this app – I just really do think it’s that cool!